Sweet Sunday Sun-Dappled Dip...

Yes...the water is invigorating...jump on in....take the time to submerge yourself in natural wonders...your shoes will wait for you and sometimes even take you there....See you Monday for my Chaco Z/2 Review.                                             

Love and Sole, Dagmar



Shoe Party Saturday :)

Caught gazing longingly at those delicious black boots in North Soles window display... 


FlashBack Friday:My Own Mion's

FlashBack Fridays are an ode to shoes that I love but are no longer made and wish to make sure they will always have their place in "shoe-story" Check out the Mion Slacktide review and take a moment to honor Martin Keen.



Thoughtful Thursday ;)

Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love is often depicted in the nude except for sandals on her feet...

So go ahead and buy those shoes you think you have nothing to wear with!  

Birthday Suits go with all your shoes!


How to Avoid Blisters

Tips on Tuesday
Blisters are caused by sweat and sticking, shoes that fit too small, gait and sensitive skin.

Reduce sweat and sticking by applying antiperspirant to blister prone areas. Pick up a little travel size stick and keep in your closet so it is handy.

It is a common misconception that shoes too big will cause blisters but more often they are caused by shoes too small forcing parts of the foot against the inside of the shoe or strapping causing pressure with friction commonly resulting in blister.

Most of the time there is not much we can do to change our gait as that would be a huge undertaking, but supportive well-fit shoes and/or orthoses will often improve one’s gait, which may also limit blister occurrences.

Those with very sensitive skin can benefit from wearing polypropylene liner socks that wick moisture away from the foot and allow friction to occur between socks, not sock and foot. Avoid shoes with rough edges, thick stitching or tiny straps. Look for footwear with very soft smooth padded linings and excellent fit.

Blister Free Love,



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