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Diabetic Nail Care

Tips on Tuesday

The constant theme with diabetic feet is careful proactive attention. Special attention does need to be paid to your toenails. In the first place, you must avoid letting your nails get too long as they can catch on things easily and potentially rip back from the toe. Ouch!!! Also, “gunk” can accumulate under the long nails that could cause fungus or infections. Keeping your toenails trimmed regularly also reduces the thickening of your nails and minimizes the chance of an ingrown nail.

Be sure to soak your feet in warm water before cutting your nails.

Cut the toenails straight across and smooth with a nail file.

Don't cut into the corners of your toes and be careful not to cut the surrounding skin.

If you have very thick toenails or have ANY difficulty seeing or reaching your nails you should have them trimmed by a podiatrist or at the very least ask a friend or family member help you.

In general, this advice is pertinent to everyone but especially so if you are diabetic.

 Happy Toenails,

abigail dagmar


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