Finally Gone Snowboarding!!!

As promised, I am taking my new Forum Mist snowboard boots out for their maiden voyage.



I will give you a full report and won't hold out on my bloopers as this is also MY first time snowboarding as well.

Shasta or Bust!!! (preferably Shasta and shiny side up!)


The Shoes Always Fit...

Thoughtful Thursday

As spring approaches, I am anxious to ditch the winter padding I added to my mid-section but I pause to appreciate that while my favorite jeans feel too tight, my shoes all still fit perfectly.

They do not judge my penchant for chocolate, they sole-fully love me unconditionally.  Just another great benefit of being a shoe fanatic:)

Now, where are my running shoes?!


Young Bunions

Tips On Tuesday

So you have bunions but are sure they were not caused by years of ill fitting, pointy-toed shoes and/or high-heeled shoes. Perhaps, you even noticed them in your early twenties and thought “what gives?!”

It is likely you came by these bunions honestly via genetics. Obviously, these bunions limit your footwear choices, you are careful to avoid shoes that fit too short and you avoid wearing heels for long periods of time. I must add two other proactive strategies to keep your young bunions from getting worse and grumpy: Mobility and Arch Support.

Mobility: Stiff, immobile bunions are the most painful. Be sure you keep that joint flexible daily. Roll the ball of your foot (the part that naturally bends as you walk) over a golf ball—gently at first, working toward a more vigorous daily massage. Throw in a round of yoga toes every evening—spread your toes as far apart as possible—without any assistance at first, then grab your big toe and move it around in every comfortable direction possible. Set a little wash cloth on the floor and grab it with your toes, drop and repeat. Of course, we all have busy lives but grumpy bunions can limit your abilities for a greater amount of time than it takes to add in these bunion-grief-saving activities. Of course, the treat of a foot massage will do wonders for those bunions as well:)

Arch Support: While avoiding high heels is a good plan beware of wearing flat-flat shoes that lack arch support, particularly if your feet/ankles tend to pronate (roll inward) as you walk. Lack of arch support and pronation add pressure to the bunion area. Adding even a moderate amount of arch support can take some of that pressure off your bunion which will slow the bunions' progression. Also, when you are standing around barefooted, make an effort to be aware of how your arches are behaving. Try to draw them up and keep your ankles from rolling in...this awareness will help improve your overall posture as well.

Lastly, try not to bemoan your bunions too much. Send positive vibes their way and be tickled that you have these feet that get you around.


Love and a Left Foot Bunion,

abigail dagmar


My Two Cents on the MBT Sport/2 Grey

I have three pairs of MBT's and many happy trails...

Read all about these unique walking shoes.


Must Keep Shoes...

I own over a 100 pairs of shoes...

After the initial shock wears off, people frequently ask me the "If you had to narrow that down to, say, three pairs-could you do it and what pairs would you keep?"

Thankfully, this is a hypothetitcal question and keeping that in mind I admit that I could narrow it down to three pairs.

But which ones to keep?

I thought this would be a tough question but living in the Great Northwest makes my choice pretty straight forward.

Dansko Clogs - Bogs Boots - Chaco Sandals 

 All three pairs have proved themselves as comfortable, durable, classic and willing to put up with whatever the weather wants to dish out.  They have never failed me in getting to where I want to go and they offer the best bang for the buck.

If I lived in Manhattan, my choices would be different but I am thankful for the west coast pace of life and all the shoes that I am lucky enough to have!

Cheers, Abigail Dagmar