#1 Diabetic Foot Tip

Tips on Tuesdays

There are many concerns having to do with feet when you are diabetic.  The reduced blood flow/circulation in your feet minimizes your ability to have sensation and severely limits your bodies ability to heal even the most minor of foot injuries like a small cut or little abraision.

Soooo--The most important thing for you to do is be PROACTIVE AND EXAMINE YOUR FEET DAILY!!!

It is so important to look over your feet carefully.  Also, use a hand mirror to make sure you can clearly see the surface of your soles.  Catch any little thing early, add extra care and you will avoid a dealing with terrible infections or worse--amputation.  I am not usually prone to "scare tactics" but I have seen my share of sad diabetic foot cases that could have been easily avoided by simply taking a look at ones feet daily.

Remember...Maintenance is always cheaper and less painful than repair--in every facet of your life and certainly your feet!



Are You Ready to Dance?

This Must Have Monday began last Monday

 On my birthday...

 With a pair of shoes--

 Red as the flames eluded to in their passionate dance...



Dolce Vita From My Best Chica!

They say variety is the spice of life and these ankle booties certainly spice things up!


Get a Grip on Smooth Leather Slip

Tips on Tuesdays

So, you have a beautifully made leather-lined pair of shoes. You slip your feet into them and walk across the room and notice that you are slipping around inside.

What gives?

You bought the right size!

Smooth leather lining has long been the mark of quality shoes but leaves a little to be desired when it comes to feeling secure in your shoes.

What to do?

If the shoes are barefoot friendly that should pretty much solve the problem because a 'lil sweat will help ya stick. If, however, the shoes require socks or you prefer to wear socks (which will extend the life of your shoes) I have a solution for you.

Candle Wax.

If you simply take a candle and rub it on the leather insole where your heel strikes and where the ball of your foot bends-- you will find that you no longer have the sensation of sliding around inside your shoe. The candle wax won't ruin your shoes or your socks unless you go overkill with the wax. Once you have worn the shoes a dozen or so times the lining will naturally become less slick. Thus, you may only need to apply the wax a few times.

Feel free to wax your leather insoles anytime or wax poetic if the mood strikes you...


Thanks for Stopping By,

abigail dagmar :)


Gone Fishin'--Actually Shoe Shoppin' :)

Today is my birthday and I appreciate all the well wishes and love that I am surrounded by.

Being born on this February day makes me a Pisces according to astrology and the funny thing is that each sign has a corresponding body part and sure enough mine is feet!

So on the threshold of this personal new year I shall reflect, give my tootsies a much needed pedicure, celebrate, adore all the shoes that have been added to my collection on each birthday and ponder new soles:)

cheers, abigail dagmar