When Chaco Opened the Door to Closed Toes-Pitkin



The famed Chaco sandal company began a new adventure in 2003 by introducing closed-toe footwear.

While the path had its' challenges they proved it was worth the climb...

And I feel lucky to be a Chaconian:)


Louboutin Shuns Comfort...

Christian Louboutin, the famed shoe designer (think crimson-soled high heels) said "...I hate the whole concept of comfort" during an interview last spring for The New Yorker Magazine. 

This coming from a man who does not (at least publicly) wear high heels regularly....harumph!!

I won't argue with his artistic eye or his marketing genius but I will gladly keep comfort as my close friend no matter what Louboutin may think that says about me.

Ten toes up for comfort!


Happy Valentine's Day

Whether you are falling in love with a new pair of shoes, treating yourself to a lovely pedicure or playing footsie's with the one you love...

I wish you a Happy Valentines day.


Moving Best in Moving Comfort Running Bra Review

Must Have Monday

As I have shared before, one of my favorite shoe-stomers gave me this advice: “Don't skimp on your shoes, your bed, your bra, or your wine”

I usually focus on the shoes but I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite athletic bra company “Moving Comfort”. It turns out that they are partners in crime with the folks that make my beloved running shoes, Brooks. Birds of a quality feather sure do flock together. I find my Fiona Moving Comfort Running Bra to be every bit as comfortable and “supportive” as my Brooks Addictions.

Moving Comfort's signature adjustable straps are awesome and do not dig into my shoulders. I appreciate that they build their bras with actual bra sizing instead of the limited small, medium, and large sizes offered by most brands. They also offer a truly comprehensive range of sizes. The Fiona has been my running bra of choice for a long time. I am fixin to try out the Juno model next.

To try a style yourself, or even become a “bra-tester”, visit Moving Comfort's website. It is an extremely helpful and user friendly website. You will also find Moving Comfort bras at specialty running/athletic stores and at

Be sure to visit their virtual fitting room to make sure you end up with the best fit because just like shoes...a better fit means more optimal performance.


Minnetonka Mania...


As my Birthday nears I find myself reminiscing about these birthday boots...


They continue to stand the test of time with me and many college quizzes too:)


And I wanna sing their praises from the roof top!